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Goblin Court The Whole Village Was Consumed With Curiosity About The Newcomer, Robert Challenger, Who Had Moved Into The Manor, And Lucy Wild Was Just As Interested As The Rest Of ThemBut She Becamethan A Little Disturbed When She Discovered The Truth About Him

About the Author: Sophie Weston

Jenny Haddon was born in London, England, where she always returns after the travels that she loves When she was small, her mother couldn t bear reading aloud, so her mother taught her to read at an appallingly precocious age She wrote her first book with her own illustrations at the age of four but was in her 20s before she produced her first romance as Sophie Weston.She studied English Language and Literature at university Choosing a career was a major problem It was not so much that she didn t know what she wanted to do, as that she wanted to do everything So she filed and photocopied and experimented She worked as consultant at the Bank of England and all the time she drew on her experiences to create her Mills Boon books She edited press releases for a Latin American embassy in London The Latin Afffair lectured in the Arabian Gulf The Sheikh s Bride waitressed in Paris Midnight Wedding and made herself hated by getting under people s feet asking stupid questions under the grand title of consultant all over the world The Millionaire s Daughter She also is an active member of the UK s Romantic Novelists Association s Committee, and was its twenty three Chairman 2005 2007.Jenny has one house, three cats, and about a million books She writes compulsively, Scottish dances poorly, growsplants than she has room for, and makes a mean meringue.

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    This romance was originally written in 1976 It sort of shows it age a bit in the manner in which it s written The hero and heroine don t spend much time together and there are lots of secondary characters taking up page space.

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    My absolute favorite of the many many Harlequin romances that I read in high school and college My fondest secret fantasy is to turn this into a screenplay for my directorial debut.

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    BUYER BEWARE there are NO goblins in this book

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    SighThe first couple of pages of this book were quite promising, and then it all went Pete Tong the heroine, Lucy, became an trampled upon watering pot given to occasional inexplicable bouts of schoolyard giggles and the plot moppets the heroine s nephew and niece a pair of unruly varmints Making matters worse, the heroine s employer and his wife also prove themselves unlikable, while the other man and other woman fail to evolve beyond quarter

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