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Alexander (The James Children, #2) Heather Is Exhausted Most Of The Time Holding Down Three Jobs, Trying To Finish High School And Caring For Her Elderly Grandfather And Son Are All She Knows How To Do.Alexander Doesn T Know If He Wants To Like The Feisty Baker She Has A Smart Mouth, Beautiful, And Makes His Blood Stir Like No One Ever Has But He Can T Trust Not Anyone Not With His Heart, Not With His Money And Especially Not With His Love He Decides That While He Wants Her, He D Just Leave Her Alone And Go About His Business.Already Broke And Barely Hanging On, An Apartment Fire Robs Them Of Everything They Own The Little Family Doesn T Know What They Are Going To Do Devastated, She Throws Herself On The Mercy Of Alexander James And Strikes A Bargain She Ll Sleep With Him If He Helps Her And Her Little Family Get Back On Their Feet Alex Agrees.Alexander Wants The Sexy Baker In The Worst Way, And When They Come Together The Attraction Can T Be Denied But Can They Breach The Walls That They Ve Built Around Their Hearts And Learn To Trust

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    Ms Barton hit me good with this one I found myself choked up and fighting the tears on this touching story about Alexander and Heather I found myself loving these characters and the ones involved with them This will be another series I am going to follow that Ms Barton has written for us.Alexander has decided t

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    I loved this story Why did it have to end Wasn t sure I was going to like Alex at the start.grrr But by then end he won me over And I loved Jack Wish there were James kids just so we could visit the family again.

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    good book, easy read Loved the story

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    i wish the series didn t end it was only two books but they were great stories

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    I have a few issues with this book and so I m not bothering with spoiler tags because that s annoying You are warned there will be spoilers.The characterisation was inconsistent and the timing was weird Unlike some of Barton s books ther wasn t a huge problem with editing and spelling.The villain was suprisingly well thought and had a hinted connecti

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    What a pleasure it was to get to read this series No paranormal elements in this one, but that s alright.I really loved The James Children series, but I wish they would ve had kids than Willow and Alexander.Alexander James cashing in his chips and selling his portion of the business to his partner Brick Deciding to move closer to his parents and baby sister W

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    This is not one of my favorites by Kathi I read the Hunter series and after several mentions of Willow and Alexander in those I was excited to see that those two had books as well.That being said I did not care for Alexander or Heather as characters.Alexander just seems to be an overgrown baby If things aren t going his way he uses his money or family name to fix the pr

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    Well I have to say that I was disappointed in the character that is Alexander James I really liked him when he was seen in the other stories but in this one he became the horses butt He seemed to think that his name and money gave him rights over others and this is not how I saw his character His treatment of his intended Heather was not well done and I think his sister Willow ne

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    AlexanderHeather is a young mother working 3 jobs to support her 9 year old son, and her grandfather.Alex is a wealthy young man who has just sold his share of his company to his partner, and returned home He didn t like the looks of the man his partner wants to work with, so he decides to sell his half and return home Turn...

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    This was a great book, that I enjoyed from the very first word till the very last word.It had very interesting characters that you fall in love with and want to see happy, it had a great story that keeps you entertained fro...

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