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Transfer of Power On A Busy Washington Morning, Amid The Shuffle Of Tourists And The Brisk Rush Of Government Officials, The Stately Calm Of The White House Is Shattered In A Hail Of Gunfire A Group Of Terrorists Has Descended On The Executive Mansion, And Gained Access By Means Of A Violent Massacre That Has Left Dozens Of Innocent Bystanders Murdered Through The Quick Actions Of The Secret Service, The President Is Evacuated To His Underground Bunker, But Not Before Almost One Hundred Hostages Are Taken While The Politicians And The Military Leaders Argue Over How To Negotiate With The Terrorists, One Man Is Sent In To Break Through The Barrage Of Panicked Responses And Political Agendas Surrounding The Chaotic Crisis Mitch Rapp, The CIA S Top Counterterrorism Operative, Makes His Way Into The White House And Soon Discovers That The President Is Not As Safe As Washington S Power Elite Had Thought Moving Stealthily Among The Corridors And Secret Passageways Of The White House, Stepping Terrifyingly Close To The Enemy, Rapp Scrambles To Save The Hostages Before The Terrorists Can Extract The President From The Safety Of His Bunker In A Race Against Time, Rapp Makes A Chilling Discovery That Could Rock Washington To Its Core Someone Within His Own Government Is Maneuvering In Hopes That His Rescue Attempt Will Fail

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    It s been a long time since I read a political thriller, or any kind of thriller This book was prophetic, and hence became a trendsetter of a bestseller Did the author write his debut novel thinking it might be his last I asked that question while reading, because crazy things happen, and

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    I really enjoyed this book, which is the fourth novel I ve read by the author The other three books I ve read are The Third Option, Kill Shot and his debut Term Limits.Bandar Abbas, Iran.It starts off with Mitch Rapp on a mission with Seal Team Six to retrieve abduct, Sheik Fara Harut, leader of He

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    Action packed anti terrorist adventure Lots of bad assery in the same vein as the original Die Hard The characters are the basic character types you see in this type of story, but that is just fine with me This was my first Vince Flynn, but it won t be my last If you like Tom Clancy and or Brad Thor, check t

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    This is my third book by Vince Flynn It is absolutely fantastic If you like the show 24, you ll love reading these books Flynn writes like Tom Clancy, but without the lengthy digressions that Clancy puts in about submarines Replace those withaction Fantastic

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    In retrospect, this book bears a lot of resemblance to the films Olympus Has Fallen and White House Down , both of which were made years after this book was published Of the two films, WHD was, in my opinion, the superior, which isn t saying much considering they were both summer popcorn actioners While I liked OHF , the film

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    Another good action packed novel, although I had to keep gritting my teeth at all the silent gun shots Bomb time seemed pretty convenient, too Oh well, it was fun Definitely a lot of tension I m not sure if I ll read another soon or not, though 3 in a row might be enough.

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    If you loved 24, you ll love this This was written before 9 11 which I found really interesting I ll be reading the next book very soon This is the first book that was published and although it s marked 3, this is the best place to start.

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    3.5 StarsI would assume that this has everything one would want in a military spy action drama story It has a step by step, detailed look from all players involved, from the terrorists to the hostages to the heroes and everything in between as politics, press, and multiple governments do battle for their cause.For some reason, this type of story can always

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    The first half is barely 3 stars, but the second half is exciting, engaging, and felt good at the end.A lot of the story is cliched characters done too many times before and predictable The Vice President had no brains and followed whatever his smarmy chief of staff Dallas King told him to do Dallas made all decisions based on polls, public opinion, and future electi

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    Terrorists take over executive mansion, slaughter dozens, hold nearly 100 hostages before U.S president is evacuated to an underground bunker Mitch Rapp, CIA s top counterterrorism operative, learns that someone in their own government wants his rescue to fail Taking over the White House makes any novel look good but when it is coupled with great characters and Mitch Rapp, I m

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