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The Rain-Soaked Bride A Number Of Influential South Korean Nationals Are Committing Suicide On UK Soil In All Cases They Seem To Simply Drop Whatever They Re Doing And Swiftly Almost Vacantly End Their Own Lives An Electronics Importer Falls From The Top Floor Of His High Rise Office, The Ambassador To The UK Shoots His Chauffeur And Drives His Own Car Off London Bridge, An Actor Sets Fire To Himself During A Movie PremiereAugust And Toby Investigate And Slowly Uncover The Ancient Force Of The Rain Soaked Bride, A Ghostly Spirit Of Vengeance That Drags Her Enemies To Their Deaths.Once Summoned The Spirit Cannot Be Dismissed Until It Takes The Life It Is Charged With, It Will Be Unstoppable In Its Pursuit Of The Mortal It Has In Its Sights Unfortunately, After Getting Too Close To The Source Of The Spirit, That Mortal Is Now Toby Greene.

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    This was a supremely delightful read When I requested this book for review, I really had no idea what to expect I don t normally read mystery novels, but for whatever reason perhaps the awesome cover this caught my eye For once my superficial cover lusting payed off I am always a sucker for witty dialogue and th

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    The first book in this series, The Clown Service , took me by surprise earlier this summer While the concept and its bright cover intrigued me sufficiently to pick it up, I hadn t expected to enjoy it as much as I did I was utterly charmed by Toby, his supervisor August Shining, Shining s sister April and their neighbour

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    August shining would like this to be categorised as science fiction, but I m not convinced We saved the world by time travel in the first book and now we re having to defend against a curse, a transportable curse Do not accept anything from anyone The person who lays the curse must be somewhere nearby for it to operate so if you kn

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    Great read hard to put down.

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    Thoroughly enjoyed the book Second book featuring August, Toby, and April lived up to the franchise The mystery was transparent,but the ride to unravel it was great.

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    originally posted at About two years ago I was first introduced to Guy Adams writing in the form of The Good, The Bad and The Infernal, and was immediately taken by his writing style A year later came something quite different, the first book in the The Clown Service series, The Clown Service, up until that ...

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    Received from Netgalley Toby Greene and August Shining are Agents in Section 37 in this second book of the Clown Service series by Guy Adams Picture Philip Marlowe and Sam Spade moving to modern Britain and joining an organization that is a supernatural version of The Men in Black but without any of the resources or actual organization The female back up cast in this boo

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    Amidst all the Occult Detectives and Paranormal Investigators, Guy Adams had given us an altogether different thing in The Clown Service Section 37, a section within the British Secret Service that deals with such menace that can t be explained using conventional ideas This novel picks up that thread, and gives us another chilling story of betrayal, murder, diplomacy in its darkes

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    As enjoyable as The Clown Service was, its sequel, The Rain Soaked Bride underwhelms From The Ring to Ten Little Indians, it wears its influences too much in its button hole, ending with a dreadful nod to James Bond that could have been avoided had the author not decided to write himself out of the relationship hole he left himself with at the end of the first book and turning it into a spr

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    Decently good urban fantasy with the occasional missteps Much like the first Clown Service, it s frustrating to attempt piece together the world due to the number of times someone tells you that they will explain the interesting past event later One of my main issues is with the ending because it took away the sense of relief of the heroes defeating the evil plot in the climax, possibly as a way to s

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