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The Fight For Flight Laugh At Some Seriously Silly Flying Stunts, Find Out Which Scientist Was Blown Up In A Balloon, And Learn How To Build A World Beating Plane With Fantastic Fact Files, Quirky Quizzes And Crazy Cartoons, This Text Is A Real High Flier

About the Author: Nick Arnold

Nick Arnold is the author of the award winning series, Horrible Science and Wild Lives Arnold s first published works appeared as a result of a project he was working on at the University of North London, when he was trying to teach young children A positive review was written about him, and he started to write the Horrible Science books His books are illustrated by Tony De Saulles.

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    Really love this book just packed with facts both historical and scientific in an easy to digest form just take 2 x 10 minute teaspoons nightly and by the end of the week you ll have an expert experimenting with paper planes and parachutes Suitable for children aged 7 11.

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    I think that this book is great for people who have a liking and have some basic knowledge about aviation, it is also perfect for people interested in physics as they will learn the logics of an aeroplane, for example, how the aeroplane works and how it flies, they can also learn what forces acts on the aeroplane when it is in the air It also contain facts about the air cabinand some controls which makes it full of knowled

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    Compared to other titles in this series, I found this book rather disappointing I m not sure if this is because it s to do with man made machinery science rather than natural science but most times, no matter what title in the series, I usually find them very interesting whereas this seemed boring to me.

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    Have you ever dreamt of a book which explains the phenomenon you love in the most amusing way The Horrible Science series is truly for everyone, children and adults, science lovers and non science lovers Its a fun way to remember and connect historic events which led to the machines we use now, along with the science stuff Looking forward toof this series.

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    This book is about flight And I also learned that leaving class with a special sort of plane is one km per hour faster than the speed of sound That means that by the time you ve counted to one, you ll just be at your house Quick Albert Einstein truly invented the airplane I leaned that Amelia Earhart dropped oranges on a passing airplane captain Now you can know how to write book reports with one quick invention You will need a rubber band and a table wi

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    Have you ever read a book which teaches you how plane flies Have u ever read a book which tells crazy biographies of a inventor a true biography Have u ever read a book which teaches you something about science and history, but also has a story Well, the read this book tells a lot of thing i bet you don t know I like this book because I like science It is a science book with a little history added.

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    This book is funny and you actually learn stuff.LoL

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