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Term Limits Alternate Cover Edition For ISBN Here TAKING AMERICA BACK ONE POLITICIAN AT A TIME In One Bloody Night, Three Of Washington S Most Powerful Politicians Are Executed With Surgical Precision Their Assassins Then Deliver A Shocking Ultimatum To The American Government Set Aside Partisan Politics And Restore Power To The People No One, They Warn, Is Out Of Their Reach Not Even The PresidentA Joint FBI CIA Task Force Reveals The Killers Are Elite Military Commandos, But No One Knows Exactly Who They Are Or When They Will Strike Next Only Michael O Rourke, A Former US Marine And Freshman Congressman, Holds A Clue To The Violence A Haunting Incident In His Own Past With Explosive Implications For His Country S Future

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    This was my first Vince Flynn novel and I was thoroughly impressed The plot was very well constructed I never felt like there was a major plot twist, but rather the characters were working hard to battle each other and all felt like powerful adversaries As with many good books, when the end came, I expected the outcome, but was pleased by the wa

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    The pace and plot of this political thriller were, well, thrilling The intricate details of the various reconnaissance and other operations were fascinating and kept me absorbed throughout.Yet, at the end of the book, I felt saddened that the book so clearly promotes the idea that it is acceptable for a tiny handful of self righteous and narrow minded ind

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    this guy is AMAZING term limits was published in 1997 and it talks about the budget and how the failure to balance the fed budget will lead to crisis and chaos which is happening I believe I will go out and buy all of his books after the holidays if anyone knows the order in which they were written I would love to get a listI have finished this book and LOVED IT ha

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    Some things we re better off not knowing or are we This was written in 1997 when the national debt was just over 5 Trillion and American citizens were in an uproar over nothing being done by our elected officials about it Now, in 2014, when we were promised by the incoming liberal President that he would decrease it, that figure has tripled to over 17 TRILLION, and we see no

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    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here About the only reason that I finished this book was to see just how ridiculous the plot got before the author put it out of its misery I m not sure who the people are who liked this book and there are many I just didn t get it.The premise was interesting A group of assassins targets corrupt politicians and

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    What if America s politicians were held accountable for their broken promises and made to pay for their corruption Oh, if only oops, I was lost for a moment in the sweet, sweet fantasy of having corrupt, immoral, and self serving politicians systematically eliminated by a thoughtful group of elite, patriotic American assassins After reading Vince Flynn s rather disappointing, often sophomoric C

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    Let me begin by saying that I m a huge Mitch Rapp fan, so this brief review is written from that mindset I began reading Vince Flynn about a year ago after hearing Neal Boortz and others sing the praises of Mitch Rapp So, naturally, I skipped past Term Limits since it s not listed as part of the Mitch Rapp series and jumped right into his other books I ve since completed all of that series and turned to

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    I can t think of the last time I enjoyed a fiction books this much Term Limits is about a solution to what is wrong with Washington killing politicians An elite team of former Navy SEALS decides to take out the most entrenched and corrupt politicians in DC, and demands that the President clean up our beloved capital It sounds like pretty thin soup, but man Talk about a pager turner I couldn t put it down There is

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    If you love great thrillers, you ll love this stand alone political thriller by Vince Flynn In Term Limits, Michael O Rourke, a young congressman, knows a secret In every page, we watch how Michael s trapped Due to heated politics in Washington D.C., we watch the fireworks fly between the White House and Michael and potential threats We see how close he is to his family We witness the love he has for his girlfriend, Liz Sca

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    This book was amazing It stayed interesting the whole way through It s a political thriller It reminds me of Tom Clancy, but with less of the weapons model info that makes my eyes glaze over.

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